torsdag, november 23, 2006

Släktträffen - ett bönesvar

Today Petra made me aware that the gathering we are on now is exactly two years after a gathering in Örebro in Sweden, where a few Finns, Norwegians and Brydon from Shetland met and called forth the Swedish people in prayer. We prayed for connections between the nordic countries, especially for the Swedish connection. This happened on the weekend of week 46 in 2004. Now on the weekend of week 46, two years, later we are a bunch of Finns and Swedish people, two norwegians and a few people from other nations gathered here in Stockholm in Sweden.
Jan-Inge, Norge

Och så vackert detta också:

There was just this freedom to speak out our thoughts and also to speak out about each other and to each other as it was about jesus and us as family.
Tabea, just nu Köpenhamn

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